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The Italian Food Embassy works internationally for the
defense and promotion of the Authentic Italian culinary tradition.

Our Mission

The association aims to educate, promote, and certify the Authentic Italian Culture in the World through Professional and Amatorial Masterclasses.
It engages in the creation and promotion of educational events and documentaries.
It also aims to qualify and certify restaurants and other commercial activities related to food and drinks that operate according to Italian quality standards.


Best Professionals from Italy and in the World, carefully selected by our jury for our professional and amatorial courses.


We promote Italian culture through the organization and participation of Galas, Competitions, Commemorations.

Restaurants Certification

Ask for a IFE Certification, pass the exam and get qualified.


We are committed to creating, producing, and promoting documentaries about Italian Culinary Culture.

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We create, translate, and promote
international masterclasses on our social network platform.

We create, translate, and promote
international masterclasses
on our social network platform.

Do you offer Professional or Amatorial Masterclasses of Italian Cuisine or any sector related to Italian food and drink?  We have an amazing opportunity for you! We Create, Translate, and Promote our Courses in the World on our social network platform. 
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